Kenyan Engineer Invents an Electric Car that is Powered by a Diesel Generator

A Kenyan engineer has put Kenya on the global spotlight after inventing an electric car that can be used in any part of Africa, including places without electricity.

The car which is fully electric is different from all other electric cars in the world today as instead of having a battery bank to store electricity, the electricity is supplied from an inbuilt diesel generator. It is the first of its kind in the world and this could see a new revolution where electric cars could be used in many areas with no access to electricity.

Billion Dollar Invention

While this may seem like a trivial matter, insiders say that this could be Africa’s first industrial revolution and all what is needed is a laser-focused execution.

“The market is very large,” said the Kenya National Innovation Agency CEO. “If you look at Africa today, only 43% of people have access to electricity and this means that 57% of the people cannot use electric cars. This is a big market with a huge potential, and it is the one we are targeting. We are making the Tesla of Africa.”

The new invention could disrupt the car market in Africa and experts think that the Kenyan invention could be the greatest transformation in Africa in the next few years. “We are looking at a billion dollar idea that could challenge established car manufacturers in the world and build the first true made in Africa car.”

How it Works

All the electric cars currently in the market depend on heavy and expensive battery banks to store energy to power the car. This not only increases the weight of the car, but makes it very expensive. The battery bank in a car could weigh up to 500 kg and cost about USD 5,000. On the other hand, a modern generator weighs just 50kg and costs a paltry $500.

The diesel generator produces electricity which is used to power the main motors driving the car. From there, every other control is as good as an electric car, without the need to regularly charge or have access to electricity which most people in Africa do not have.

The car is expected to be popular in Africa, especially places like Nigeria where generators are a common household product. The fact that it is also the cheapest Electric vehicle in the world means that the potential is infinite.

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