Kenyan Graduates 5 Times Smarter than their American Counterparts

A study by the University of Michigan has recently revealed what many Kenyans always knew; Kenyan graduates are five times smarter than American graduates.

In what could be a case of Wakanda striking again, Kenyan graduates beat their American colleagues in all possible disciplines from engineering to anthropology, as well as in all sports including American football.

 Education stakeholders in both country seem to agree with the findings, and even the students council at the University of Nairobi weighed on in the matter.

“It is something that we always knew, just that there was no scientific data to support our assumptions. We have been doing their homework for a long time, and sometime you can find a first year arts student in Kenya doing an assignment for a PhD Engineering student in the US. The same student here cannot even pass an open book CAT here in Kenya.”

America is Overrated

Are the findings credible? Experts seem to agree because a look at the two countries shows that Kenyans have a unmatched level of wits and social commonsense.

“Even from social perspective, there is little difference between Kenya and the US, except for the wealth. While Americans continue to lecture Kenyans about democracy, human rights and governance issues, the fact that their president is Donald Trump means that they need to lecture themselves first. Worse still, Donald Trump is one of their best – an indication that their worst would not fit anywhere in the scale of common sense.”

Kenyans graduates have also been shown to be more resilient when it comes to survival even when faced with hunger. “You do not see shouting or crying because of the police and saying that certain lives matter. We deal with the police in an appropriate way. In fact, we have recently seen the police tweeting that #PoliceLivesMatter after an encounter with the comrades.”

Too Early to Celebrate

While the report is encouraging, we do not expect any significance change to come due to this realization. While it boosts the esteem of Kenyans, it is very well known that no one can have esteem for dinner, and experts are warning that there could be more harm than good from this information.

“It does not matter if you are smarter because whoever has the money controls everything. Very soon, you are going to see the definition of smart changing just to keep things normal. Even if Africa was able to turn stones into gold, the rich country would simply declare gold to be slightly cheaper than wood, and the default settings would remain. That is how the world works.”

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