Meat Animals Think Covid-19 is a Revenge Against Humans

There have been many theories on the origin of Covid-19, but there is one theory that has not been well explored – the meat perspective.

Meat animals – animals that humans consume – have argued that Covid-19 is the natures revenge for the years of systemic abuse and mass murder that human beings have had on them. It is nature striking back and if humans think they have suffered through 2020, they have not seen nothing yet. It appears that Covid-19 is a dry run and more is yet to come.

“It is a balancing act of nature where historical injustices are being set right. Our Covid-19 has always existed, and it is called human beings.” Said one broiler chicken.

The theory seems to have a valid basis because the strain of corona virus that is currently causing Covid-19 is rumored to either have emerged from animals, or was assisted to jump from animals to humans. “We are exploring this new theory because it has some very valid claims,” said a WHO scientist.

Experts have refuted the claim arguing that if it were true, Covid-19 would have spared the vegetarians. “We have seen people suffer in India and yet they have never tasted meat. The theory cannot be valid.”

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