Only Two Billionaires on Planet Earth have a Six Pack

The news is both a liberation and a killjoy at the same time. For men, it is good to know that people with six packs are good at making everything else but money. For ladies, it is an existential crisis deciding whether to go for the six pack and only see money on ViuSasa, or go for the money and figure out what to do with the pot on the belly.

“It is not an easy decision to make,” said one concerned lady in Nairobi. “At one point you want the man with a six pack for those Instagram moments, but you realize that you will never be able to afford those holiday destinations that are very Instagrammable. Nature is playing a cruel game.”

For men, it is something that many people always knew. “You are either in a gym lifting weights like someone without a purpose in life, or your at work making money. Choosing the gym is un-choosing the work and and the consequence is called poverty.”

While there are people who naturally get a six pack because of the nature of the work they do, it also happens that those kinds of jobs do not pay one enough money to join the billionaire’s clubs. “People at construction sites, gardeners, farmers, and even sewage exhausters are able to stay fit by doing their work. However, such jobs do not create millionaires. You cannot eat your cake and have it.”


There are few notable exceptions, but these remain to be just that; exceptions. You can never bet on exceptions because it is not the norm.

People in some lucrative sports are able to become billionaires through their work. This includes a small minority in sports like boxing, football or even basketball. They are great outliers because even the people in bodybuilding professional rarely become billionaires.

Whatever you choose to do with this information is up to you.

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