Shock as Kenya Contracts Bob the Builder to Build an Elevated Highway

The Government of Kenya has taken inclusivity to a new level after it awarded a multi-billion project to build an Expressway to Bob the Builder.

The proposed Expressway in Nairobi, which will be one of the most expensive roads in Africa, will be built by the renowned general contractor who proved his skills by always coming to the rescue of Mayor Madison in Spring City. He is expected to use his expertise and ability to turn messy situations into completed projects within a short time to transform Kenya.

Transport CS James Macharia said that project which will be built with borrowed funds will be done in a record time.”We settled on Bob the Builder because we know he can build it. This is an exclusive road for the super rich, and thus it needs a special person who can deliver for the sake of the elites in Kenya.”

Opposition members questioned whether Bob the Builder can deliver, with some asking if he was a real person. However, those who asked such question were asked to shut up and stop denying young people opportunities.

Others were concerned that Bob the Builder would get his hands soiled with the usual corruption that is associated with government contracts as there is no single government tender that is awarded without kickbacks being involved. If that is the case, Bob the Builder will be joining the Deep State and we could see him transform into a different entity.

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