Boost to the Kenyan Economy as Wildlife Embrace Tourism

The Kenyan economy has received a major boost after wildlife embraced tourism, something that had been reserved for human beings.

Terming it as the First Tourism Revolution, Tourism CS Najib Balala said that the economy was set to benefit if all the wild animals would leave their parks and take a tour around the human settlements of Nairobi and the rest of Kenya.

“We are talking of over 2000 lions, 34,000 elephants, 1200 rhinos and 21,000 giraffes. These have the potential to transform the tourism industry if they walk out of the parks and spend their money in our villages.”

Animals said that they do not mind visiting the human parks and those concrete jungles that humans live in as zoos. “It is sometimes boring out in the wild. A tour of the human parks called towns can help animals refresh and see human nature.”

Animals are considered to be wealthy due to huge natural resources they control. A report by the United Nations has shown that only 0.06% of animals live below the International Poverty line, compared to 10% of human beings. This makes them attractive when it comes to tourism and it is hoped that they will spend their hard earned dollars in the local economy.

But is it safe? Perfectly yes. A research by the animals showed that a lone buffalo in the streets of Nairobi is no more dangerous to human beings than a lone man in the park is to a herd of buffaloes.

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