East Africans Tired of Winning all Marathons

People from the Eastern Africa region have expressed frustrations on having to win almost all marathons in the world, making it no longer interesting because the world offers little competition.

Speaking after the London marathon where Eastern Africa athletes had to slow down to keep up with the world, marathoners lamented that it is no longer fun when you have no competitors and when you have to compete with yourself. “There is no point of going to London to compete with fellow East Africans. We could have done this in Nairobi and saved the time spent traveling all the way to London.”

It is not just East Africans who are complaining. Marathon runners all over the world want Kenyan and Ethiopians disqualified from running just to give other countries a chance. “We need a marathon where all nations stand an equal chance, and the best way to achieve this is to disqualify all Eastern Africans.”

Of late, the region has resulted to sending some of their weakest runners for the marathons because the elite Eastern Africans no longer find Marathons fun. It is for this reason that Kenenisa Bekele did not participate and Eliud Kipchoge graciously slowed down to allow other human beings to test how winning feels like.

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