Furious Kakamega Bred Protester Nelson Havi Neutralized with a ‘Thermos’ of Tea in Parliament

When a man from Kakamega comes to your house raring to fight, the easiest way to diffuse the explosive situation is to unleash a ‘thermos’ full of tea, or better, serve some ugali.

This is some ancient wisdom which smart people have always known.

It seems that the clerk of the National Assembly Michael Sialai never sleeps on the job. Used to managing rowdy Members of Parliament who are known to fight for bribes, smoke cannabis in the toilets, strip each other naked and with an insatiable appetite for allowances, the Clerk knew that a man from Kakamega would be easy to tame.

The mother of all demonstrations that was planned by the LSK president Nelson Havi came to an abrupt end after the National Assembly Clerk exploited the ethnic loophole and served the protesters some tea. So effective was the strategy that the protesters did not even look up to see the clerk as their eyes were fixated on their tea.

After the demonstration, the President of the Law Society reiterated that LSK is committed to ensuring that both sugar and parliament dissolve, and that they are on track.

After the fiasco, veteran demonstrator Boniface Mwangi is expected to meet the LSK leadership for a public lecture on the science of demonstration.

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