Home Guards seven times more successful Today than Mau Mau Fighters

A study done over a 50 year period involving 3000 Mau fighters and home guards has shown that home guards and their descendants are seven times more successful than Mau Mau fighters.

The findings which are obvious to everyone who can count shows that while the Mau Mau paid the ultimate price fighting for independence, there was no reward for their labor. Instead, the black people who helped the colonialists rule are the ones who are enjoying the fruits of independence today.

The Mau Mau fighters and their descendants continue to languish in poverty today while their antagonists, the home guards, continue to enjoy the fruits of political posts as well as the resources that they quickly grabbed after the independence. This is a trend that has been maintained even with their second, third and fourth generations where the home guards continue to occupy prime positions in the government while the Mau Mau descendants are still fighting for compensation from the colonial government.

“Even on Mashujaa Day, the country majorly celebrates the homeguards who sided with the colonialists instead of the Mau Mau heroes who fought hard to make the white man aware that the black man would not buy the white savior narrative.”

The findings now call for people to choose their sides wisely as it does not help anyone to keep fighting an already established system which has its own owners. “Even today, the people who win are those who collaborate with the corrupt and the modern-day colonizers. Those fighting them are doing a good work but let them remember that a great poverty awaits them and their descendants.”

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