Kalenjin and Luo Communities the Biggest Losers in the BBI Battle

Billions of shillings are about to start flowing as the official campaign period for the Building Bridges Initiative kicks in later this month. While everybody will be a loser (except the politicians), it is now evident that Kalenjin and Luo communities will be the biggest casualties if things go as planned.

Even before the final draft of the BBI document is made public, experts have already warned that the level of excitement will be high all over the country, but communities that have a solid kingpin will lose more.

“BBI will be decided by the voters, and voters have different prices. Kalenjins will rally behind Ruto while Luos will rally behind Raila. These will not need to be bought, and therefore there will be no budget for them.”

On the other hand, Kikuyus are set to cash in on the coming windfall as they currently do not owe allegiance to any major leader, and they will have to be bought. “This is a very advantageous position because money will have to flow, and the Mt Kenya region will need some reasonable financial excitement in order to vote as a block.”

The revelation is a major blow to other communities which have been longing for their turn to eat, as it seems that its majorly the people from Mt Kenya who will eat the fruits of BBI. However, that is the best anybody an hope for because after that, all Kenyans will continue to suffer as they have done since the great famine of 1884.

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