Kenyan Anthem to change tune from Pokomo Lullaby to a Gengetone inspired Rhythm

The National Anthem of Kenya is set to change tune from the current Pokomo lullaby inspired version to a more progressive gengetone inspired rhythm.

In a change that has even been approved by the moral cop Ezekiel Mutua, the new tone is supposed to help Kenyans love the song and sing it with passion, noting that a more passionate approach to the National Anthem could lead to a more woke citizenry.

“The current lullaby has soothed Kenyans to sleep and this is the reason why we never see Kenyans taking politics and governance matters seriously. We need a nation that will have both the willpower and the strength to fight for good governance, something that a lullaby does not instill. Gengetone is the key.”

Various stakeholders especially among the civil society have been championing for this change for a long time. “A lullaby has only succeeded in soothing us to sleep. It is the time we woke up to reality.”

Some Kenyans unfamiliar with Gengetone and all the stuff by the likes of Mbogi Genje have expressed concern that they may no longer understand the National Anthem, but it has been clarified that only the tune will change, and not the words.

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