Magoha: Kenyan Parents almost as Inconsistent as Me

The Ministry of Education has accused parents of only demanding everything that is the opposite of the Ministry’s policies.

Speaking after announcing the reopening of schools, education CS George Magoha said that parents who had been complaining about the closure of schools are now complaining that he is reopening schools.

“When we closed schools, parents started complaining and now they are complaining that we are reopening. When we suggested that we do online learning, parents protested that they cannot afford internet and when we said that we do some community learning, parents said that online learning would be more effective.”

The Minister added that parents had threatened him for making their children repeat classes, and just when he tries to make it right, they now claim that he is out to finish them. “I wish they can attempt to be consistent because it is obvious that the only thing they want is the opposite of all government policies.”

A spot check by PostaMate reveled that parents are also complaining that children are idle at home and need to be engaged in something productive. However, even those who can afford to pay school fees are saying that they are not ready and even Brookhouse parents are crying that they are broke.

There is also an outcry that 96% of all the school going children have outgrown their school uniform.

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