MCAs not Aware that 113% of them will not be Reelected in 2022

Members of County Assemblies are living their best lives now. Despite being labelled as rats that eat not just for the sake of their stomach but because they were born to eat, they continue to walk around with the confidence of a cat in a mouse kingdom.

But this confidence seems to be built on false premises. It has been established that 113% of them will not be reelected come 2022, and very few of them are aware of that.

“We have established that 113% of these MCAs will not retain their seats come 2022. This includes all MCAs and of course their proxies, and while they should be preparing for this, they are acting as if they are going to reign eternally.”

To be fair, some of the MCAs know that and that is the reason that they are eating right left and center. However, others are unconscious of that fact and are making decision without this important piece of information in mind. Some are already planning on how they will ‘eat’ the ward fund if BBI is implemented.

Should we tell them?

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