Prostitutes Protest the Philosophical Promiscuity by Politicians in Kenya

A grassroot body made of commercial sex workers in Nairobi is raising concerns that the current political class in Kenya has taken promiscuity to a whole new low.

Citing the flip flop nature of politicians and the willingness to fight for almost anything including nothing, the body said that politicians were beating them in their trade from a philosophical perspective.

“Some of them swore that Raila is a witch who would plunge the country into bloodshed, but now they are his flower girls who are telling us that Raila Odinga is the best thing that happened to the world since sliced bread. Others warned us that William Ruto is a serial thief with an infinite appetite for land, but are now telling us that he is the one who can save us from the families that stole our lands in the past. Isn’t this promiscuity worse than our traditional promiscuity?”

They said that politicians had disrupted the sex workers’ monopolistic trade and they are no longer worthy competitors, but saints when compared to politicians.

The trend has been seen across all political divides where even citizens have been united to fight themselves over the same ideologies that they stood for just a few months ago. “The same people who said tano tena are the same one killing their fellow tano tena people. Can’t we have some consistency?”

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