Rational Man Misses Good Old Days when Masks and Social Distancing Could Prevent Covid-19

As more countries start to enforce lockdowns following a second wave of Covid-19, a rational man misses the beginning of the outbreak when masks and social distancing could prevent Covid-19.

In an interview with PostaMate, the man who delights in following proven scientific methods and has advocated for their use all through is now saddened to learn that the world has conveniently agreed that masks and social distancing no longer work.

“Unlike earlier in the year when masks helped to slow down the spread of the pandemic, it seems that the world has unanimously agreed that those don’t work anymore. Everyone has resulted to fearing the virus but masks and social distancing are a no no.”

The situation is worsened by the fact that he has lost face among his colleagues because when Covid-19 started, he was a mask freak and would lecture others on the important of social distancing. AT the moment, he already gave up on those and everyone keeps reminding him of his stupid days when he would insist on masks and social distancing.

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