Amerix Orders a KShs 70 Price Ceiling for Barber Shops

Your favorite barber will no longer have the liberty to charge you KShs 500 for a haircut, thanks to an executive order by masculinity coach Eric Amunga, also known as Amerix.

In the directive issued on Twitter, men will be expected to spend between 50 – 70 Shillings on haircut in urban areas and less if in rural areas. This follows weeks of outrage after men complained that they are being forced to pay for hundreds of shillings for a haircut that was only 50 bob until 2015.

The directive also lists the essential tools that should be in a barber shop; hair clipper, methylated spirit and flywhisk. A bonus item could be a mirror but this is very optional and only useful if you do not know your barber.

“Men only need 3 minutes at the barber shop and we need to keep it simple. We also need to keep it cost friendly because it is not an investment!”

The order was highly welcome by real men, and also received praise from unlikely quarters. Barbershop owners said that they are forced to hire too many people, buy a dozen lotions and stuff they also do not understand, keep a boiler for constant supply of hot water and steam, and find ladies who have to be good looking to attract customers. Men end up spending three hours there and pay 500 bob when they could spend 3 minutes and pay 70 bob, translating to an income of more than 3000 bob in three hours.

The deadline for implementing the Amerix order is 1st December.

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