Canada Builds a 8000 km Wall to Keep out Americans

Expecting foolish Americans to attempt to migrate to Canada if Donald Trump wins the election, Canada has moved with speed to build a 5-meter-tall wall along its 8000 km border with the US to stop the looming influx of dejected Americans.

The move followed a realization that it would not be a landslide for Joe Biden as many polls had suggested, raising a possibility for a Trump win. Anticipating that Americans would try to move to Canada, Canada moved with speed to build a 5 meter tall and 1 meter thick concrete wall complete with an electric fence and bobby traps to keep out the disgusting Americans.

And typical of the Canadian politeness, the country was not planning to ask the US to pay for the wall. Instead, Canada has not only built the wall, but also painted it on both sides, creating a perfect space for Americans to do their graffiti. That is the closest Americans will get to Canada.

Plans are also underway to ban flights from the United States. Instead, Canadians are urging Americans to stay and build their own nation. “They got themselves in that situation, and only they can fix it. Let them stay there.”

Mexico is also planning for the same, but the US has already done most of the job.

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