Government Desperately Hunting for a Corruption Scandal in Makueni County

The Government is working overtime to unearth a corruption scandal in Makueni County as one of the strategies of passing the BBI document.

Speaking during a BBI stakeholders meeting, BBI architect and Uhuru Kenyatta’s chief marionettist Raila Odinga said that all governors must be nudged to support the BBI through soft power and one of that is the number of corruption cases against them.

This has sent detectives to pitch camp at Makueni County in the hope that they will unravel a massive misuse of public funds, although the Auditor General has always given the County a clean bill of health.

“We are confident we will find something soon. The tendering process is always complicated and if we dig deep enough, we can find something against the governor. It is never hard to find something if you look in the right places.”

The search has further been complicated by the fact that the Governor has added little wealth since he became a governor, all of which can be accounted for from his salary. This has made it hard for the government to teach him a lesson for being vocal against the BBI. Already, most of the governors have opted to support the document or simply remain silence for the fear that their past eating habits will be unearthed.

Contacted, governor Kibwana said that he has no comments about the hunt and he is busy preparing the county for the upcoming mango season.

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