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Why Pope Francis Rejected Uhuru Kenyatta’s Request to Live Forever

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta was man full of hope when he made his maiden visit to the Vatican City earlier in November.

Still in the middle of a growing Covid-19 pandemic and with a undisclosed desire to remain in some office after 2022, Uhuru Kenyatta had made the trip to Vatican to request for a longer life so that he can survive Covid-19 and if possible, continue to serve the nation of Kenya. It was a noble ambition.

However, information from the Vatican indicate that the Pope was very unwilling to grant such a request and although Uhuru did not get an immediate feedback, the answer is a big no.

Concerned that giving Uhuru a unlimited life would not be in line with his limited presidential term limit, the Pope denied the request. He also expressed concern that if Uhuru lives forever, Kenya might end up in an infinite debt that no on will ever be able to repay.

The Pope also said that allowing Uhuru to live forever would set a bad precedence, with many people expected to request for such favors from the Pope.

For now, Uhuru Kenyatta can only settle for the eternal life that the Pope promised, but definitely not on earth.

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