Proposal to have IEBC as a Department within ODM on the Cards

The chief hand-shakers and Bridge Builders are mulling after final whistle-esq proposal to move IEBC to Chungwa house.

Our mole, who was a member of the BBI (commonly referred as Busy Bodies Initiate by locals) taskforce, hinted that decision was arrived at after analysing political parties’ elections budgets where ODM was found to have spent the least amount in conducting their internal party elections.

Asked about their budget estimates for the BBI referendum, IEBC Chairman said that it will take 14 billion which was strongly disputed by the ODM leader whose party proposes it can conduct the same exercise with 2 billion.

Political and finance experts have welcomed the proposal as it will save the country 10 billion shillings which will be used in solving other pressing needs in the country like printing BBI reports and its 3rd launch in Kisumu.
Kenyans are equally much excited about the proposal as they were when the President moved Kenya Meat Commission to the Department of Defence.

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