Raila Odinga Insists that BBI is the Hill he will Die on

Be wary of a man who has nothing to lose and everything to lose at the same time. They will keep fighting even when common sense dictates otherwise or even when they have clearly lost. In the end, you will be the loser because you will have to kill them to end the fight (bad move) or run away to get away from them. Americans learnt this in Vietnam.

This appears to be the case with Raila Odinga who despite spending most of his time at Capitol Hill multipurpose offices, he has made up his mind on the Hill he will die on – BBI.

Either BBI or BBI

Despite the surge in Covid-19 cases, lack of basic amenities to keep students safe, shortage of Personal Protective Equipment that is costing medics their lives, and failure by NHIF to cover Covid treatment due to lack of funds, Raila Odinga still insists that all those problems can only be solved by BBI and the most important thing now is for the country to go into full campaign mode and spend billions of shillings in a referendum.

Never mind that sound minded people have argued that since the handshake was built on the foundation of dialogue, we should extend dialogue to those who would have concerns about the document. Raila Odinga has insisted that BBI is the best thing that happened to the world since sliced bread, and it will go on no matter the opposition, Covid-19, poverty or even the new wave of locusts.

“BBI is what will save the country. BBI will build roads, bring you water, give you access to good health services and even provide you with good leadership. Kenyans must have this BBI by hook or crook.”

Former Prime Minister

The former Prime Minister of Kenya is keen to see the BBI passed, and although his opponents argue that he must have fell for it because of the reminiscences of past life as the Prime Minister, Raila Odinga says that his support for BBI is very objective.

However, Raila might be open to negotiations on the BBI on the condition that the Prime Minister part will not be touched.

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