“Save for the Prime Minister Part, BBI Can be Amended.” – Raila

The ground is softening for opposed to the sacred BBI document after the Chief Document Architect, Raila Odinga, allowed limited negotiations on the document.

Following a major public outcry that BBI is being forced on Kenyans, something that could lead to an embarrassing loss at the ballot, Raila Odinga now wants Kenyans to give their views about the document, as long as the Prime Minister Part remains intact.

“We are open to negotiation and the only thing that is cast on stone is the Prime Minister part. We can even scrap off the presidency or the judiciary but the Prime Minister part must be considered holy and should not be touched.”

The statement was a major change of position by the BBI architect where it had previously been said that the document, like the Bible, cannot be altered. The document is a masterpiece of legislation which possesses unusual powers such as protecting its supporters from Corona.

BBI also promised to make life easier for unemployed Kenyans, although it will not directly address the problem of unemployment.

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