The US Election is more of a US IQ Test

Americans are voting today, but as far as the world is concerned, this is a matter of a National IQ test for the country and the outcome could lie anywhere on the IQ continuum.

The Great North American nation will be forced to choose between Trump and Biden, and while the polls show that Biden is going to win, it is remembered that they said the same thing about Hillary Clinton and tears are still running to date.

However, the election appears to be more of an IQ test because either way, the Americans are doomed. They want Trump, but the do not want him. They also want Joe Biden, but they also do not want him. This is where the IQ test comes in.

Will immigrants vote for Trump in order to prevent more immigrants from coming into the US? Will renewable energy evangelists vote for Trump in order to give petroleum and coal a lifeline because their life depends on it?

Will the rich support Trump to keep their taxes low? Will manufacturers vote for Biden so that they can continue to exploit cheap labor overseas?

It is an IQ test.

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