Trump Promises to Revisit Angels from Africa

With little hope of being in power after January 2021, President Donald Trump has turned his attention to all the people who failed him when he needed them to clinch the 270 electoral votes.

Top on his list are the Angels from Africa who were expected to show up and help hold the States of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and a few others, but typical of African timing and ethics, they never showed up. Even after a passionate appeal from Trump’s personal prophet, the Angels from Africa maintained a visual, audio and radio silence, leading to a devastating loss to a sleepy 77 year old man.

It is this act of betrayal that has infuriated Donald Trump. In a conversation with his third legal team, Trump promised to revisit the issue once he has time in his hands, and it will be messy. “They failed me. I called them. They came. They never came. Lazy African angels. I’ll deal with them. Now we stand back, and stand by. But we will revisit.”

African angels responded to the threats with the usual indifference, neither moved nor startled. Those who spoke to PostaMate on condition of anonymity said that Donald’s demands were hard to implement considering that they had not been consulted from the beginning. “We were not considered in the election budget and we were not involved from the beginning. Why is he looking for us when things have gone South?”

Others said that the usual challenges prevented them from responding to Trump on time. “Lack of capital, poor infrastructure, competition from Angels from Asia, high cost of living, pests and diseases and attacks from other angels makes it hard for us to respond objectively and on time. It is not personal.”

There is still hope that the Angels from Africa will don’t through for Trump, as they have always done for all African presidents.

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