James Orengo heads to the US to advise on a Handshake Government

The script is almost writing itself.

After Biden wins and Trump swears himself in, everybody knows what happens next because the events will be similar to what happened in Kenya.

After days or weeks of protests and arguments, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are expected to form a handshake government, much to the detriment of Kamala Harris and Mike Pence who will be sidelined in the new government.

This will be a long drama that will make the United States the laugh of the world, but not a big deal because we are already laughing at them. This marks the beginning of the end.

And this is where Kenya comes in. Renowned lawyer and senator James Orengo has left Kenya for the United States where he will advise Donald Trump on how to force a handshake government since it is becoming inevitable.

The deal will come complete with a localized version of Building Bridges Initiative, where they will expand the number of seats on the Supreme Court, create a position for a Prime Minister and make it easier for illegal immigrants to get in to the US.

Kenyans are thrilled. “We gave them Obama, and now we are giving them handshake. It’s Kenya to the United States.”

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