Uhuru Admits that He Does Not Remember Ever Talking About the Big Four Agenda

President Uhuru Kenyatta has denied claims that he has some four agendas that his government is focusing on, terming the suggestion outrageous and saying that his government is keen on all the agendas of the nation.

Speaking shortly during the launch of BBI signature collection, President Kenyatta said that there were misleading media reports claiming that he was focusing on something referred to as ‘The Big Four,’ saying that he has never heard of such a term!

“I do not remember ever talking about a big four or anything related to that. My government is keen on all big agenda and not just four of them. Besides, why would I go with four instead of three which is more popular, or five which is in line with our big five?”

The agitated Uhuru warned that newspapers that would be found linking him to the Big Four agenda or any similar nonsense will be revisited, repeating his rhetorical claim that ‘gazeti ni ya kufunga nyama’ (newspapers are just materials for wrapping meat).

Focus on the BBI

“Instead of a fictional Big Four nonsense, I call upon all Kenya to embrace the BBI report because that is where the future of Kenya lies.”

Kenyans interviewed said that they also don’t remember anything to do with the Big Four, hence the need to keep mentioning something that never existed in the first place.

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