Arsenal Wants the ‘Winner-Takes-All’ Football Point System Changed

Arsenal Football Club is seeking for reforms in football, arguing that the winner takes all system that is used to award points has made players too aggressive and has negative consequences on the fans all over.

The club which is now strongly rooted at the basement of the EPL table wants radical reforms in the way the points are awarded, saying that fans would want to see a different approach where teams are rewarded for skills, possession and any other aspect that the teams will agree on.

“We want to see a system where a team earns a point for showing up. It cannot be the same for a team that shows up and the one that does not. We also need to reward possessions and attempts on target. No need to create an overly competitive environment when we know that it is just a game.” Said an extremely helpless Mikel Arteta.

The argument was supported by various teams, all of which seem to be in the same neighborhood of the EPL table with Arsenal. Arsenal fans all over the world also supported the proposal, saying that it is time to do away with the current oppressive point system that continues to propagate systemic oppression on many football overs.

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