BBI Wars: Firm awarded Tender to build the Bridges on the Spotlight

As the race for the Building Bridges Initiative intensifies, technocrats and stakeholders are becoming more worried than ever. This after it was identified that there is set to be a huge technical back set on how the project will be carried out. A document leaked exclusively to PostaMate shows how tenders to supply materials and build the bridges will be awarded to close and key allies of the Deep State.

Only yesterday after a rather unsettling tweet from the IEBC, a section of leaders from Northern Kenya are asking: “There are only seasonal rivers in Nothern Kenya, and the people do not see why they need bridges which they consider will be a waste of money and public resources”

From Mount Kenya Region, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s backyard, Contractors and business men are divided.  This is after rumors emerged that only a few of them will benefit from the tenders to build the record number of bridges, highest ever witnessed in the world.

Opponents of the BBI have questioned the government’s decision to award the tenders of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas that will be used to weld metals that will be used to build the bridges. The company at the center of controversy is claimed to be associated with a confidante of one of the main hands in the handshake.

In other regions like the Coastal Area of Mombasa and Kwale and Kilifi and the Lake Region of Kisumu , leaders are questioning the viability of digging and building bridges on the massive water bodies that are The Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria respectively.

The big questions remain bridges to where?

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