Corona Virus Celebrates First Anniversary with a Deadly New Strain

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) celebrated its first anniversary in humans with a massive bash that was held in Wuhan on 24th December 2020, taking the opportunity to officially launch a deadly new strain that is already ravaging the UK and other parts of the world.

The virus which causes Covid-19 has been around for thousands of years but has largely been hidden from human beings until such a time like this last year. “It was such a time last year when we managed to switch hosts, thanks to some guys eating a poorly cooked bat. Since then, life has been quite good with human beings as our hosts, although we regret the few fatalities that we may have caused.”

During the celebrations, the virus laughed at the fact that human beings were talking about a ‘new type of pneumonia that does not respond to treatment’ at such a time last year, with majority of the people ignoring it as Chinese problem.

The celebrations were attended by thousands of other viruses, many of which are unknown to human beings and continue to hide in pangolins until an opportune time comes. An interview with one of the viruses showed that human beings are survived by the inaction of the viruses.  “People are very ignorant of our existence, and they think that they are in control of the world while in real sense, we are. Some of us are very lethal and if we all jumped into humans, only 12 people would be left arrive.”

The new strain is expected to help boost the business development efforts of the virus, with an expectation that the corona virus will have an IPO sometimes in mid-2021.

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