Kenya Power Officially Opens their Candle Factory to Fight Solar

Kenya Power has announced the launch of their candle manufacturing plant two years ahead of schedule as the war against solar energy takes a different dimension in Kenya.

Speaking during the launch ceremony in Athi River, Kenya Power Head of Innovations and Competitor Suppression Perminas Marisi said that the new factory was expected to help the struggling firm overcome the impact of increased competition and reduced earnings. He noted that the factory had been constructed in a record six months against a project timeline of 30 months.

“We are glad to have achieved such a huge milestone and it has come at an appropriate time when alternative sources of energy pose an existential threat to Kenya Power. We are also exploring other opportunities where we can cash in on the opportunities available, but for now, candles present a great opportunity.”

Uproar from Kenyans

The news of the plans by Kenya Power to venture in to candle manufacturing caused an uproar in Kenya a few months ago, with the company forced to shelve the plans. However, hard economic times forced Kenya Power to reconsider the plans and this has been done with speed.

Kenya Power has argued that Kenyans in urban areas were a huge consumer of candles, especially in the case where there is a power blackout or they are waiting for an electricity connection to be made. “It is an industry worth billions of shillings and emotions aside, there is no reason why Kenya Power should not use it to increase our shareholder value.”

We hope that the candles will work.

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