Prado Drivers Even Worse than you Suspected

New research has revealed that 90% of road users feel hostile towards drivers of the infamous Toyota Prado, something that social scientists say that it is not unfair.

Motoring correspondent Baraza JN said that while it is bad to judge people by the car they drive, the case of Prado drivers is totally different and it is not only okay to judge them but also acceptable to mete out justice if situation allows.

“They have a sense of entitlement that exceeds that of toddlers and college students. They are always in a hurry and they cannot sit quietly in a traffic jam without attempting to overlap – like the rest of mortals. They even want to overtake you at the petrol station. You will see them squeezing themselves between two motor bikes as if their car is elastic. They simply have no sense.”

A look at the vehicle shows that something is not right with their drivers.

Even mechanics who know slightly more about cars than an average driver can see what is wrong with the Prado drivers. “The fact that its Center of Gravity seats at the top of the car shows that the drivers have their priorities wrong. Why would people who have Formula One ambitions opt for the car that is only meant for slow movement on rough terrain? They would be better off practicing their skills using light aircraft but devoid of any common sense, they opt for the Prado.

Prado owners fall broadly into three categories. Those calm, collected, recently rich middle-aged men who know nothing about cars but want a big car, then we have very young foolish people who took a huge loan to buy a Prado just to stand out, and finally the (aspiring) politicians and anybody who feels important in life. The first group is as good as any Peugeot owner, but the latter two are what defines Prado Owners.

Clearly, there is nothing good about Prado drivers.

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