Somalia Warns Kenya Against Withdrawing Troops from Somalia

The Federal Republic of Somalia has once against threatened Kenya with undisclosed consequences should the latter choose to withdraw its troops from Somalia.

Following an escalation in tension between the two countries, Somalia warned Kenya that it would not tolerate the act of sabotage through withdrawing Kenyan troops from Somalia, which are crucial for propping up the frail government in Mogadishu.

“We need the Kenyan troops for the government to function and it will be an act of war if Kenya chooses to withdraw them. We will not take it lightly.” Warned an agitated President Mohamed Farmaajo while at his second home in Nairobi’s Runda Estate.

The news was supposed to send Kenya into panic but at the moment, it has resulted to more memes circulating online.

Dilemma for Kenya

While the threats are to be taken seriously for obvious reasons, Kenya is not sure of how to react without appearing like the country is afraid of Somalia.

Currently, Kenyan needs to keep its troops in Somalia because it comes with hefty financial rewards as part of the Amisom troops, but then it will appear that Kenya is heeding the Somali threats. Withdrawing will lead to a huge financial loss to Kenya.

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