Its Inaccurate to think that Uhuru Kenyatta Steals KShs 2b Everyday Alone

President Uhuru Kenyatta has found himself as the bullseye of corruption blame game, after he revealed that the government which he is in full control of loses KShs 2 billion every day to corruption.

Kenyans have imagined that since the president is in full control, he must be aware of the whereabouts of the 700 billion that is stolen from the government every year. “He said that he is in charge, and also said that 2 billion is stolen every day. This means that he is the one stealing our money. At least he should tell us where our money is.”

The assumption is quite inaccurate as while president Uhuru Kenyatta is in charge of the government, he is not the only one capable of stealing. There are thousands of people involved in small acts of corruption within the government which may not interest the president and other big guns in the government.

“Kenyan think that Uhuru Kenyatta is stealing KShs 2 billion every day and eating it alone. That is not the case. Even though his former Majority Leader Aden Duale revealed that Uhuru’s government was receiving 10% kickbacks from all the major China funded projects in Kenya, there is no evidence that the government knows about every single act of corruption taking place. Therefore, Uhuru Kenyatta cannot be stealing 2 billion every day alone.”

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