Angry Bull Rescues Owner from Kakamega Police Station after a 3 Hour Siege

There was some unusual drama at Mumias Police station when an angry bull forced its way into the police station and rescued the owner who was being held there for flouting Covid-19 rules.

Trouble started when people gathered for a bull fighting session with no regard for social distancing or wearing masks. The Wednesday morning show drew a wild crowd, forcing police to intervene and stop the entertainment. In the process, one of the owners of the bulls was arrested and held at the Mumias Police Station awaiting presentation at the court.

The bull fighting ended immediately, much to the disappointment of the people who had gathered. However, the drama was just about to start. The bull which had been fed the usual stuff that is given to bulls before bullfighting starts followed the owner to the police station.

Fuming and ready to gore anybody who came close, the bull staged a 3-hour siege at the police station, with several officers who were inside unable to walk out for the fear that the bull would kill them. The situation was complicated by the fact that the local culture does not allow killing of fighter bulls, hence police could not shoot the unwelcome visitor. It was also rumored that the police also feared killing the bull because they might be forced to pay for the bull, and fighter bulls can cost up to KShs 200,000.

When it became clear that the bull would not go away, reinforcements were called from Butere Police Station but the same logic played out again. No one can kill a fighting bull for the fear of some unnamed curses. In fact, it almost got ugly because at some point the bull charged at a police vehicle but the driver managed to get away.

Three hours in the drama, a decision was made to release the owner of the bull who gracefully led the bull away. A crisis meeting called by the OCPD later in the evening resolved that should such an situation occur again, the owner of the bull should be taken to a police station in the neighboring Vihiga or Bungoma Counties.

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