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Delegates Reject Proposal for a Remote 2021 Men’s Conference

A proposal to hold the Annual Men’s Conference virtually in 2021 has been shelved following protests from delegates who insisted that they must attend in person and in full compliance with the Covid-19 protocols.

The decision has forced the organizers to shelve the plans for the online meeting which had been proposed by some unnamed people, while people of the other gender had asked for a full cancellation of the event.

“We had secured some sponsorship from Zoom, Meet and even Teams, but that is not what our delegates want. We have to give them what they want and, in this case, it will be a physical meeting.”

The announcement left the logistics contractors scrambling to put up working Covid-19 containment measures, with reports that delegates will be required to wear at least three masks at a time, one of them being a N-95 respirator. Full hazmat suits might also be enforced for delegates coming from Covid-19 hotspots, although this is a small price for delegates who must attend the physical meeting by all means.

Same Dates, Same Venue

The 2021 Men’s Conference will be held from 12th – 19th February 2021 at the usual location and while the list of speakers is yet to be announced, thousands of delegates have already started to register through the secret online portal.

This year’s Men’s Conference will address a wide range of issues that have been observed through 2020, including the never-ending conflicts brought about by the lockdown. The full program will not be shared online and only registered delegates will be briefed.

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