Concerns Raised after Edgar Obare Applies for the CJ Job

Controversial Kenyan blogger and certified tea sommelier Edgar Obare has his eyes set on the top most job of the Kenyan Judiciary.

The man who thrives by passing judgement on people who are straying from their relationships announced that he wanted to use his skills and experience in the Judiciary, saying that he would make faster judgements since he would always show up with his own evidence.

“The problem we have in the judiciary in Kenya is that thugs and criminals are always set free due to lack of evidence. This would change if I get the job, as I would bring my own evidence!” said the blogger who is loved and hated in equal measures.

“There is no need for a fourteen-year case in court trying to implicate those involved in the NYS scandal, and still end up setting them free due to lack of evidence. As the head of the Judiciary and president of the Supreme Court, I would bring the receipts to the court and the suspects would be hanged in a record time. That is the spirit that the judiciary needs and that is what I will offer.”

His candidacy for the job has elicited concerns from people who are known to be guilty in everyone eyes but still manage to escape justice, with Embakasi East MP Babu Owino warning that having Obare at the helm of the Judiciary would be a threat to the rule of low. “Maraga was not a good person, but having Edgar Obare there would even make it worse. He is unfit because we do not want him!”

Others who have applied for the position of the Chief Justice include a renowned witch from Kisii who argued that the modern justice system had failed, and it was time that Kenya adopted a traditional approach to justice.

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