HP Admits that Printers are Designed to Know When you are in a Hurry

The cardinal rule at the office is that you should not let the printer or photocopier know that you are in a hurry, especially when you are really in a hurry.

Printers are known to have a mind of their own, and this comes alive when you are in a hurry or frustrated. They know how to get into your nerves. For this reason, people try to act calm and relaxed when printing or photocopying, otherwise you will start getting errors like problem connecting to printer, paper jams or just a frozen printer.

While it was always assumed to be a normal electronic hitch, leading Printer manufacturers have shed light on this irritating phenomenon. Unknown to many, printers are made with an ability to know when a user is in a hurry or angry, but how they react to that information is up to them.

“By use of Artificial Intelligent, printers can read your mood and know when you are frustrated. When they see a backdated document, they know that you are trying to beat a deadline. This is a functionality that was put there for fun and what the printers chose to do with their findings is beyond our scope.”

An Engineer from Canon confirmed the same thing, saying that the company would investigate if their printers had abused the information they know about people. “It would be very unfortunate if the printers decide to abuse this privilege and it is something we are looking into. We would not want to interfere with their free will but the reports we are receiving are not encouraging.”

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