IEBC to Determine who is a ‘Hustler’ and who is A ‘Dynasty’

IEBC is set to issue guidelines and regulations to be used to give direction on the individual classification that will be used to classify who are hustlers and who are dynasties.

This is after a public outcry on the massive proliferation of fake hustlers who are now joining and popularizing the populist agenda ahead of the 2022 general Elections. Others who are driving their bosses cars or cars bought by massive loans now call themselves dynasties and look down upon Bodaboda Operators as hustlers.

According to Google, a hustler is defined as a person adept at aggressive selling or illicit dealing. However, the Hustler narrative peddled by a section of the political class can be taken to mean somebody poor who is working every day to make ends meet or is rich but was once a child of a poor man in the villages and in the slums.
On the other hand, dynasty is defined as a line of hereditary rulers of a country. Another definition on Google reads: A succession of people from the same family who play a prominent role in business, politics or any other field.

The narrative is almost reaching its tipping point. Pundits have weighed on the decision by the Chebukati led body to give guidelines and avoid people from hijacking narratives that will serve their selfish interests.
‘The political transfer window is open and many politicians are set to make strategic transfers. Many will call themselves hustlers, others will call themselves dynasties. We shall put some balance and measures into that.” reiterated Wafula Chebukati, the Chair of the Electoral body while speaking to PostaMate.

Kenyans are wondering what the rules set to be released as early as next week will entail.

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