Iran Offers Political Asylum to Donald Trump

Iran has said that it was ready to offer political asylum to President Donald Trump should his last minute effort to retain power fail to succeed.

“I’m going to ask the Foreign Minister to carry out the relevant procedures to allow Donald Trump to live in Iran should things go South on January 20th,” President Hassan Rouhani told reporters.

“Trump is a President and he deserves a dignified exit. It would be irresponsible to watch him suffer in an American jail while he can be a free man in Iran. He should even transfer his business empire here and we might as well have a Trump Tower in Tehran,” he said.

Rouhani said that Iran would ensure “that whoever receives asylum does not intervene or interfere in the political affairs of any country.”

Warming up to Iran

Trump, the focus of multiple investigations by prosecutors in New York and Washington, DC, was said to be warming up to the idea and “would definitely like to live and interact with the good people of Iran.” Trump is keen on avoiding prosecution when he leaves State House, and any offer at the moment is most welcome.

No one knows why Iran has suddenly turned friendly to Trump and the US. Time will tell.

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