Jane Mugo Secretly Lands in Wuhan to Resolve the Mystery of Covid-19 Origin

Under the request of World Health Organization, the James Bond of Kenya Jane Mugo is in the Wuhan city of China to help the organization unravel the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which remains a mystery more than an year after the outbreak in China.

Speaking after stealthily landing in China, the detective reported that she would be combing through the Wuhan wet market, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan dry market and the secret government institutions in Wuhan to establish the source of the virus in the midst of a Chinese cover up.

“I have analyzed several pangolins and bats in the city of Wuhan. My teddy bears have been secretly filming how people cook bats to determine if poorly cooked bats can transmit the virus. I will also interview several government officials using my patented interrogation methods to find out if they know more than they are saying.”

The involvement of the Kenyan detective whose skills and expertise were laid bare by a BBC documentary could finally solve the mystery of the origin of Covid-19, something the CIA, NIS, Mossad and Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation have been unable to crack. The WHO was almost giving up on ever finding the source of the virus until detective Jane Mugo came on the scene.

Jane Mugo will issue the first and final report within 48 hours.

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