Man on the 47th Round of Interview at One Acre Fund Still Hopeful

It has been a tough three months for a local man. Armed with papers, experience, exposure, and connections, the quest for the perfect job has been going on. We caught up with him while preparing for the 47th round of interview at One Acre Fund, where he was hopeful that he would definitely land his dream job.

For the past twelve weeks, the man’s only economic activity has been interviewing with One Acre Fund, going through several stages of interview for this one job. It has been hard, but then, this is One Acre Fund we are talking about. If successful, the reward of a full time placement in the magical location of Kakamega, the health insurance, the paid leave, the company branded t-shirts, local and international travels, continuous personal development and hefty allowances will rain. He must keep his focus on One Acre Fund.

“It has been 47 working days of interview and I am still hopeful that I will get that magical appointment letter. I have met the CEO, the CFO, the janitor, several unnamed people, 11 people from the HR Department, potential colleagues, the company barista, a bunch of idiots in suits, several farmers and I cannot even recall who the others are. I know I am very close to getting hired, just as I have been since the 6th round of the interview.”

He has gone through several aptitude tests and since most of the interviews are being done online, he had to acquire a more reliable laptop in order to avoid the inconveniences of power outages. He also has some back up internet just in case the next round of interview comes during a fiber cut. Nothing can stop him from reducing hunger and poverty.

Family Concerns

While his family and friends are concerned that he might hit the retirement age while still going through interviews with One Acre Fund, he thinks otherwise. “These big firms take their time and one of the qualities they look for is persistent. I cannot afford to quit or apply for another job. I must show up every time they call.”

Certainly, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The train is coming.

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