More than 3500 Dead from Post-Election Violence in the US: A Country Where the Dead Are Not Counted

The number of fatalities from the ongoing Post Election Violence that have rocked the United States of America has passed the 3500 mark, but official records do not reflect this because it is a country where the dead are just not counted.

Most of the deaths are being attributed to Covid-19, even in cases where the bodies bear visible bullet wounds. All this is in an attempt to cover up the ongoing humanitarian crisis and is due to deeply entrenched guilt culture and an attempt to portray the image of a perfect democracy.

In a series of protests that finally escalated to a full-blown attack on Capitol Hill, the Post-Election Violence (PEV) continues to escalate in the US amid silence from close allies of the incumbent strongman Donald Trump. The violence threatens the stability of the nuclear armed North American country with the African Union calling for immediate de-escalation of the situation.

AU Response

African Union leaders have called for an urgent crisis meeting and warned that if the East does not do something quickly, the rights of vulnerable people in the US including blacks, women and children will be grossly violated. “Our observers on the ground have reported over 3500 confirmed death due to the Post Election Violence in the US. We cannot sit and watch as the lives of innocent people are lost due to a flawed electoral process and weak democratic institutions.”

Late last year, the African Union had warned that the US was dangerously on the precipice of a PEV but the leaders were un willing to take action. The situation has gotten worse since then and Dictator Donald Trump is hanging on power on a very thin thread. Iran has offered Trump asylum should he fail to retain power after January 20th, and AU hopes that this will help calm the situation down.

With the number of deaths continuing to grow, official record state that less than ten people have died, something that experts from the Global South say that it is an attempt to cover up the situation. “The United States does not record deaths from Post-Election violence, with majority of them being attributed to Covid-19.”

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