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Record Number of Delegates Register for the Men’s Conference 2021

Registration for the Men’s Conference 2021 has already been oversubscribed by 2194%, barely less than 12 hours after the registration was opened.

Speaking to the media in the first day of the registration for the conference, the management said that this year’s conference has seen delegates from 152 countries register, and they are expecting even more people as registration will remain open in the next seven days.

The Men’s Conference 2021 which is scheduled to take place from 11th – 16th February 2021 at a yet to be disclosed location is expected to handle a number of issues that are related to the Y chromosome, and all the men in the world are supposed to adhere to the code of conduct that will be issued after the conference.


The conference raised controversy last year after a women’s lobby group from South Africa claimed that the conference was just an attempt to evade the usual duties on the valentine’s day, something that the management of the conference denied. The Nigerian liaison officer said that the argument was lame since in his country, every day is Valentines.

The Kenyan delegation is expected to offer logistics support while the brothers from West Africa will secure the venue to prevent unauthorized delegates from sneaking into the venue. There will be no remote participation except at the 12 designated venues in the world, although the management could open new locations as numbers continues to soar. These were added earlier in January after all men vehemently opposed holding Men’s Conference online.

Topics Covered

The conference targets all men from age 0.6 to 119 years, with a wide range of topics to be covered. Renowned masculinity scientist Simon Mbevi of Transform Nation will be addressing the challenges facing men today, while other plenary session will include raising boys to be boys, mental health matters for arsenal supporters, staying fit up to age 100 and countering toxic femininity.

The online registration will remain open until February 11th

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