Rowdy Bodaboda Operators Burn Car Despite the Owner’s Insistence that he Went to Alliance

A middle aged man in Nairobi is counting losses after bodaboda riders burnt down his car following an incidence with one of them.

In an incidence that took place in the capital, the man who was only identified as Fred faced the fury of angry boda boda riders after he hit one of them who was attempting to overtake on a blind corner. Luckily, he was able to stop on time and although the bodaboda ride survived, the bike was extensively damaged.

“I was negotiating a corner when this man suddenly appeared right in front of me, on a sharp corner. Luckily, my German Machine was able to stop instantly and the poor man was saved. His bike was wrecked but he escaped with minor bruises.”

Exactly 3.2 seconds after the accident, tens of boda boda riders showed up from nowhere and demanded a compensation and several other demands that Fred could not understand. “They demanded that I pay the man, something which I was willing to do simply because I can. I told them that my insurance will take care of that but they demanded money on the spot. I never carry cash money with me and when I told them to calm down because I was just being generous to the man who was clearly on the wrong, they became even more hostile.”

It was at this point that the man warned them that he went to Alliance High School, and that was the last straw. The men covered their ears, produced a lighter and set his car on fire. The poor man had to flee on foot, and escaped death by a whisker.

He still doesn’t understand what he did wrong.

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