See a Therapist if you are Perennially Broke

Experts now want you to see a therapist if you are always broke and your default response to all financial obligations is ‘I am expecting some money.’

Noting that most people are always broke but have ready explanation for why they are broke, the experts warned that this habit should not be normalized and instead, victims should just see a therapist to help them get rid of the poverty that has refused to go away.

“In 2020, you said that you were broke due to Covid-19. In 2019 you had blamed the tough prevailing economic conditions that were occasioned by poor economic performance globally. In 2018 you had blamed the effects of the elections while 2017 was an election year. The only constant thing is that you are broke and it is the time you sought for a solution from within yourself than blame all forces of nature.”

Although the call to see a therapist makes sense, most men will not buy it and 2021 will still remain a broke year while the solution is one therapist away. In fact, most of them have declared that they are members of the stingy men association, while in real sense they are just broke.

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