Uhuru Kenyatta Threatens to Name the People who Steal KES 2 Billion from the Government Everyday

Days after admitting that KShs 2 billion is stolen in Kenya everyday, President Uhuru Kenyatta has come under fire from different quarters for presiding over one of the biggest heists in history.

In just under one week, Uhuru Kenyatta has faced criticism from friends, colleagues, partners and enemies for leading the country of thugs, and definitely being the thug number one because a country of thugs is and must be led by a senior thug.

But the breaking point was when Rev Sammy Wainaina reminded him that as the president, he has the NIS, the EACC, the DPP and other agents that can tell him who is stealing the 2 billion everyday. A logical conclusion is that Uhuru Kenyatta knows who is stealing the 2 billion every day, or he is part of heist. Those were very kind words from the Provost of the All-Saints Cathedral because Kenyans firmly believe the second option, and the first option does not even exist.

But this message has rubbed Uhuru Kenyatta the wrong way, and instead of a ‘we shall revisit’ or direct threats which could make him less unpopular, the president has now threatened to name and shame the people who steal 2 billion from the government every day.

“I swear to God that I am going to name the people who are stealing 2 billion shillings from the government every day. We cannot have people fleecing Kenyans and spending the money on election campaigns, yet they are free. If this continues, I am going to name them and let mob justice take its course.”

"I am going to name and shame the people who are stealing KShs 2 billion from Kenyans everyday." – Uhuru Kenyatta Share on X

The president now joins other people in the government who have threatened to act on corruption. Earlier last year, Deputy President William having threatened to name and shame corrupt politicians.

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