“Unemployment High Because Young People Keep Failing Interviews” – Atwoli

The runaway unemployment that has made Kenya its eternal home has nothing to do with the government, Covid-19, the economy or anything outside the unemployed people, according to a statement by Francis Atwoli.

Speaking to PostaMate during one of the BBI popularization tour, the Trade Union leader blamed the high level of unemployment on the unemployed people, saying that most of them keep failing interviews hence cannot be helped.

“There are jobs in Kenya, but young people cannot tell anybody about themselves, neither can they figure out where they want to be in the next five years. This always makes them to fail the interview and there is no way the government can help such people. They just need to get more serious.”

“Just ask any unemployed person and they will tell you that they have been to different interviews and the HR is yet to get back to them. This is because they failed the interview.”

Atwoli pointed out that while the government had done a lot to educate young people and provide jobs, it was not up to the government to do the interviews for the young people because that is impractical. Instead, young people were asked to familiarize themselves with the different salary expectations offered by different employers.

“Let them stop asking for a net salary of KShs 27,000 a month when the employer is known to pay in peanuts. They should just say that they love peanuts and they will get the job.”

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