Chrome Browser named Leading Cause of Global Warming

Google has been declared the leading cause of global warming and this has nothing to do with their power intensive Data Centers, but on the famous Google Chrome browser.

In the ranking of the most notorious agents of global warming, the Chrome browser beat other contestants such as private jets, beef production, automobiles, dirty cooking fuels and coal power plants to emerge as the leading cause of global warming. This was due to the ability of the browser to directly inject heat into the environment, bypassing production of Carbon (IV) Oxide.

Compounding the problem is the fact that Chrome is the most popular browser in the world today, a factor that helps spread the heating all over the world.

Environmental activists now want Google to come clean and tell people what is their motive. “They should simply venture into home heating solutions instead of hiding behind a slow, resource hungry browser called Chrome. Only God knows the number of people who might have died from heat waves while using Chrome.”

Positive Side of Chrome

Not everything about Chrome is bad, as recently reported in the media.

“During the recent episode of frigid weather in Texas, those who had the capacity spent the night in their cars with engines running just to keep warm. The smart ones did not need cars. They simply switched on their laptops and opened a few tabs on chrome browser, and the results were impressive. This is the power of Chrome.”

This was not the first time Chrome browser was employed for heating purposes. Residents of Timboroa, a high-altitude settlement in Kenya and a training ground for marathoners have known this trick for ages. Every home has at least one gadget with a Chrome browser installed. When the freezing June weather hits, they fire up Chrome and the tropical weather returns.

It is the same case in many factories, as one boiler operator explains. “When we want to produce steam faster, we simply switch on a computer, launch chrome browser, cover it with a water tight cover and then put it into the boiler tank. It is very efficient.”

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