Men Who Say ‘Everyday is Valentines’ likely to Do Nothing on Valentines Day

Valentines is back, much to the detriment of most people in the world. This is in consideration that 86% of people in the world are single, underage, or married for more than 42 years, hence Valentines day does not matter. Of the remaining 14% per cent, half of them will be attending Men’s Conference hence this is just an affair for 7% of the people.

It is this 7% that gives the world trouble over Valentines Day. It is also the same group that will suffer heavy financial losses since every strategic business person has a product lined up for them. But there is unique breed of people who have got the Valentines priorities wrong. These are the men who say that every day is valentines.

In order to avoid doing anything special on the Valentines Day, some people have argued that every day is valentines and therefore there is no need for a special day dedicated to love. These claim that they are romantic every day for 365 days an year, and that valentines is just for lousy people who have been doing nothing for the last one year.

This claim has now been debunked, and those who say every day is Valentines are the same people who have high aversion for anything romantic. They are the people who are going to do nothing romantic not only on Valentine’s day but all other days of the year.

Keep off.

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