Man Fired for Dancing to Firirinda at Sugoi Farm

The Firirinda Challenge has already claimed its first casualty in Kenya after a 36-year-old breadwinner and father of four lost his job due to the song.

The man who blamed his misfortune on his love for technology lost his job after he was found dancing to the Firirinda song at his workstation where he works as a security guard at a unnamed farm in Sugoi. The man was found vigorously dancing to the song on Tuesday evening, prompting his firing although the reason for his dismissal was not clear.

“I recently installed TikTok and came across this funny thing called Firirinda. I didn’t even know what it meant but since it was at the end of the day, I tried to dance to the song and post it on TikTok as other people were doing. I was hoping that it could go viral but instead, my payslip took off in another direction.”

Eye witnesses say that then owner of the farm passed by while the man was in action shouting Firirinda and he was extremely pissed off. This could have triggered the sacking, although no one knows why the owner of the farm in Sugoi hates the song.

Some say that it could be associated with his past life, or his future life, but whatever the case, no one else is dancing to Firirinda in Sugoi.

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